Blockchain Carpet Tile
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General Information

• Blockchain Carpet Tiles, designed by Binvetec LLC and manufactured by Joy Carpets Inc, have a sleek, low-profile appeal, and are the only modular floor covering specifically designed to allow many patterns to be created or no pattern at all, using only one tile design. By grouping a few tiles, then repeating the group on the floor, a unique pattern emerges. Change the group, and likewise the pattern changes. In contrast, by installing the tiles with random rotations, a pattern-free floor covering can be achieved. With StayTac non-adhesive installation system, the floor design can be changed at any time.

• They are durable, stain resistant, and commercially rated. The attached cushion is the foundation of the product and provides exceptional comfort and resilience. This PVC-free polyurethane back is engineered to absorb rolling and foot traffic, minimizing the wear of the face yarn and eliminating the possibility of buckling and restretch problems. Thus, the appearance retention and overall usable life of the carpet is greatly extended. The attached cushion also features a waterproof barrier between the carpet and pad.

• In addition, the StayTac coating applied to the carpet backing provides a high friction component preventing lateral movement of the tile, yet the vertical grip is such that the tile can be removed and rotated. Performance is exceptional with no loss of tack of the backing over time. StayTac streamlines the installation process by eliminating the cost and time associated with applying traditional wet adhesives.

• Blockchain Carpet Tiles offer distinct advantages over traditional patterned broadloom in that they can be installed and removed individually or in sections. This characteristic allows a high degree of flexibility when creating patterns, designs, accents, borders and area rug effects. They are the most versatile, environmentally friendly modular carpet installation system available today.


Environmental Considerations

• Blockchain Carpet Tiles are manufactured with sensitivity to our natural environment, utilizing environmental stewardship "best practice" protocols. They are constructed of recyclable components, contribute to LEED certification points, and received the CRI's "Green Label Plus" Certification.

• Because adhesives are not required for installation, potentially harmful chemicals and solvents are avoided.



Tile Size: 1 meter x 1 meter (approx. 39" x 39")

Nominal Total Thickness: 0.296 in. (Just over 1/4", not thick like residential carpet.)

Total Weight each: 95 oz.

Construction: Tufted, textured loop pile

Pile Fiber: 100% premium nylon

Gauge: 1/10 in.

Rows: 14.4 / in.

Tufts: 143.9 / sq. in.

Installation: StayTac - no adhesives required

Flammability Rating: Class I

Appearance Retention Rating CRI TM 101: Heavy Use



• 15 Year Limited Wear
• Lifetime Soil and Stain Treatment
• Lifetime Latent Defects
• Lifetime Anti-microbial Treatment
• Lifetime Backing Declamination
• Lifetime Anti-static Protection
• Lifetime Edge Ravel
• Lifetime Moisture Barrier
• Indoor Air Quality Certified


Product Care

• These high-quality carpet tiles clean easily with hot water only. In some cases soap may be used, but heavy-duty cleansers are not required. The color-dyed nylon face yarn is top-quality Antron 6,6 fiber, and will not bleed, smudge, or fade during cleaning. Do not use bleach.

• When storing or moving carpet tiles, preserve the vitality of the StayTac coating by stacking them back-to-back and yarn-to-yarn. Do not stack them back-to-yarn because dust and carpet fibers will reduce the effectiveness of the high-friction surface.

• For a sample carpet tile assembly, see Installation.


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